§3. The history of creation

The first system being created to solve assigned tasks was developed and applied on test desks of the State Design Office 'Juzhnoyje' enterprise called after Jangel in 1999. At first it was assigned for test automation on one desk and for the goods of a certain type (liquid-propeller rocket). But then it was developed for different goods types and applied on one more desk assigned for solid-propeller rocket engine tests pass. The system is functioning under RTOS QNX 4.25. The choice of that operational system as a base allowed to meet a wide array of demands being raised to systems of such type namely: data collection reliability and guaranteed time of executive instructions playback. Not only success of a test pass but often desk staff lives depend on fulfillment of these crucial demands. This system has been still in active use.

In 2004 the development of a new hardware and software complex was started for the purpose of application of more flexible and universal test settings interface and increase of data collection reliability and control algorithms.

Experience having been received while complex data development allowed to create an independent commercial software product named 'Octavo'. It was created taking into account previous systems and it represents unique environment for setting and passing any type of tests on the goods produced. As a base OS we use RTOS QNX 6.2.