Ready-made QNX drivers. 

§1. Short description

QNX DAC Drivers Toolset (QDDT) represents a set of drivers supposed for communication with different data acquisition devices under RTOS QNX 6 in real-time mode. Each driver instruments general interchange interface with a device using a universal data access library. Drivers are instrumented as separate operational system processes which increases system stability in whole.

§2. Operating with a driver

It is very easy to work with a driver:

#include ‹stdio.h›
#include ‹errno.h›
#include ‹S_libdrvio.h›

int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
 char* path_drv = "/dev/PCL-818H";
 drv_t drv;
 float data;

 /* 1 - open a driver /
 if ((drv = drv_open(path_drv)) == NULL) {
  fprintf(stderr, "Can't open driver (%s)\n", 

 /* 2 - read analog data of 0 –channel */
  fprintf(stderr, "Error reading data (%s)\n", 

 /* 3 - close */
 return 0;

As one can notice to receive for instance analog data from the driver it is necessary to implement a sequence of three library enquiries: drv_open(), drv_analog_read(), drv_close().