§4. Architecture and basic options

Silver package includes a development environment and an implementation environment. The development environment represents an aggregate of mutually bound configurators allowing to create a complete project in virtual programming mode.

The implementation environment includes all necessary device drivers and different services supposed for collection, keeping and reflection of data, control and diagnostics. The implementation environment Silver represents a distributed system of data collection and the processes of the system may appear on different computers under RTOS QNX control being united into a single net.

The central notion is a notion of a variable. A variable (or a tag) Silver is an object applying an access interface. Each Silver tag may be connected with a data source. As a data source any volunteer process may act. Usually a data source for a tag is a device driver. The tags may have processes which can be implemented on different machines united in a net as data sources.

Nevertheless all the tags described in this project are reflected on the single variable field thus the problems of the access to these data of users applications are minimal. Thus any process (symbolic circuits reflection, keeping in database, control) made by any machine in the net always may acquire a clear access to variable value.