§5. Main components (processes) of Silver

  • control in technological languages — an integration with a special purpose ISaGRAF allows to apply control algorithms using technological languages of control of IEC 1131-3 standard.
  • HMI (a human-machine interface) turns a technological controller into a full-functioning operator`s workplace giving a possibility of a categorical access to information in the form of animated multimedia symbolic circuits, trends, tables. Also there is a possibility to form voice-message reports.
  • For creation of symbolic circuits a special builder was developed which allows to arrange visual components on the form and set certain activities by a single dragging of a mouse.
  • Keeping information in the database allows to record the data acquired to any database being maintained. For rapidly changing parameters a specialized highly optimized database has been created.
  • The server of constants — allows to set significance in the form of constants (being kept between the system working periods) and implement a restriction to access for them for the technical personnel being responsible for the operation with the system).
  • Fulfilment of the functions written in C\C++ — a possibility of the fulfilment of different functions using C\C++ exists, which gives an opportunity to use many possibilities of the operational system directly.
  • Graphs review — allows to review and outtype archive data (historical trends) in the graphical view.
  • Generations of reports — allows to form, review and print optional report forms.
  • A log server — serves to register any events in the system such as variable value changes, value overrunning, operator`s changes of the system parameters.
  • Drivers of different devices..
  • Drivers emulations — any process being a source of data for Silver tags may be launched in emulation regime on the stage of the system debugging. This enables to trace the system behaviour in different situations.