PLC & SoftPLC 

PLC and Soft PLC related services

RTS-Soft’s control and automation professionals specialize in industrial controls, information system design and integration, and have delivered proven automation solutions for numerous clients.

Our PLC and Soft PLC related services include:

  • System studies and conceptual designs
  • Budget preparation
  • Specification development
  • Equipment selection
  • Detailed engineering designs
  • PLC programming
  • System integration and installation
  • Thorough system simulation for testing and training
  • Comprehensive operator, maintenance, and engineering training
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Long-term support services to help maximize the value of your investment

Classical PLC

RTS-Soft has Real-world experience with all major DCS, PLC, and SCADA systems. Our offshore location allows us to  offer cost effective solutions for PLC and SCADA programming.

Although our parent company – RTS-Ukraine is an official Siemens Solution Partner we acts mostly as independent system integrator delivering proven solutions which best fits customer needs.

However our strength is in extensive experience with Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Modicon PLC platform, WinCC, Wonderware and Iconics SCADA system.

Soft PLC

Besides classical PLC RTS-Soft handles concealed and effective weapon – Software implemented PLC (Soft PLC), which works on COTS, open, but  highly-reliable hardware.

To guarantee hard Real-time execution of PLC loops we run it under control of ultra durable QNX RTOS.
Same way as classical PLC, our Soft PLC is programmed by technological programming languages complied with IEC-61131 standards.
For this purpose we use Soft PLCs engines from ICS Triplex as well as our own IEC-61131 compilers which are part of our Soft DCS Silver™.

Such approach has several advantages against classical PLCs

  • It is platform independent, that means investment protection and low total ownership costs to end customer.
  • It allows executing several PLC loops (or virtual classical PLCs) on one CPU.
  • Under hard real time RTOS with durable preemptive multitasking customer may even combine database (including commercial embedded or open source MySQL) or/and WEB server or/and GUI application at the same host where PLC loops are running at higher priority.

In result customer gets reliable and not expensive open system which is programmed by IEC-61131 languages, easily upgradable, with very wide selection of connectivity options, GUI, SQL Server, WEB HMI included.  

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