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Why Ukraine ? Or benefits for an international organization, that considers dealing with software development resources from Ukraine.

Ukraine IT Outsourcing Myths Dispersed

Dnepropetrovsk city central internet portal

Official WEB site of SDO Yuzhnoye - one of our customers

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Our mission

We deliver quality, timely and cost-effective offshore software development services to small and medium size international companies gaining their competitive advantage by utilizing our intellectual capital and expertise in embedded, Java-based and real-time mission-critical projects using most advanced standards in design methodology.


RTS-Soft was evolved as dedicated resposibility center (division) of Real Time Systems Ukraine Inc Ltd and starts its operations in 2007.

Figure 1.<br>Company  HeadquarterFigure 1.
Company Headquarter

Founded in 2016, RTS-Soft is widely regarded as a total solution provider for mission-critical, real time, embedded, general process control, CNC and motion control, SCADA/PLC applications for space/avionics, datacom/telecom, black metallurgy, ferroalloy industry, mashine building, food industry, distillery and more.

Figure 2.<br>Company officeFigure 2.
Company office


We are located in Ukraine.

There are several strong characteristics of Ukraine, which provide benefits for an international organization, that considers dealing with software development resources from Ukraine.

Our headquarter is located in one from the biggest industrial and business centers of Ukraine - Dnepropetrovsk city. Dnepropetrovsk is a capital of aerospace industry of Ukraine, it is home for our famous customer - SDO Yuzhnoye   who is partner of Boeing in Sea Launch project  and it is reach of higly educated and talanted engineers with strong mathematical and physical background.

Core competencies and services 

Our services include development of custom applications (full-cycle development and individual stages), application customisation, migration and maintenance on long-term basis, product development, QA and testing services in the following areas:

Java Applications Development

More than 10 years of experience in Java development is one of the recognized strengths of RTS-Soft team. RTS-Soft especially strong in Java development for Linux and QNX, using NetBeans and IDEA IDEs, SWING and SWT GUI toolkits, Ant build tool and JUnit testing framework. Moreover we develop own Java based IDEs, editors, GUI builders and even JVM! read more Е

Software for Embedded Systems

RTS-Soft provides services covering the entire spectrum of the embedded software domain. We have an expertise in system software development, including board support packages (BSP),memory and communication device drivers, initial programm loaders (IPL) as well as in embedded database and embedded Java applications for different hardware platforms read more Е

QNX and Realtime

QNX is our favorite platform for realtime and mission-critical projects. It builds exceptional reliability and scalability into your embedded device. A true microkernel operating system, the QNXЃ NeutrinoЃ RTOS offers advanced memory protection, distributed processing, symmetric multiprocessing, POSIX APIs, a dynamically upgradable architecture, and industry-leading realtime performance. RTS-Soft's numerous QNX based projects inherit unique features of this outstanding OS.
read more Е

OPC technologies

RTS-Soft is developing solutions to provide OPC connectivity with non-Windows world, including own OPC server , bridges and/or clients for QNX and Linux applicaions. read more Е

PLC & Soft PLC

RTS-Soft widely apply ordinary PLCs from Siemens, GE Fanuc, Rockwell and other world's vendors. We use IEC-61131 Soft PLCs from third-part vendors as well as own IEC-61131 compilers.read more Е

Low Level Programming

High quality embedded software development is almost impossible without experience in low level programming. Frequently, the small portion of code written on native assembler could increase the whole system throughput in times by using all features and benefits of particular hardware platform. RTS-Soft is proud of its highly experienced low level programmers who are proving their professionalism in the numerous products and projects read more Е

Success oriented team

Our people are our most important competitive advantage.


As qualified experts that keen on work we are interested in making our work the best way possible. Grateful client and well done job before deadline is a major source of our satisfaction.


RTS-Soft is a team of highly experienced software engineers and project managers having succesfully implemented more than several dozens of very important projects from firing tests control systems of jet propulsion, automation and process control systems in metallurgical industry, food industry, chemical industry, power generation and till own commercial products Ц Silver, Octavo, QNX Driver Development Kit.

Besides strong IT background most of our software engineers have fundamental mathematicial or physical high education.

Value creation chain 

Neglectible overheads and elimination of unnecessary management levels and non-value creating activities makes our work fast and effective.

The quality

We recognize the timeliness as one of the most important dimensions of quality.

However our quality management system covers all RTS-Soft activities and it is based on ISO-9001 : 2000 international standard using TQM concept. Delivering only top-quality products as a priority is not a buzz words for us because sometimes lives and health are depended on quality of our software.