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Embedded Systems


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Embedded Systems

Agile and low-cost software development for real-time embedded systems has become critically important as embedded systems and devices are being used widely and customized frequently. RTS-Soft provides such services covering the entire spectrum of the embedded software domain. We have an expertise ranging from migration to new hardware platforms for existing projects till full cycle embedded projects development from the scratch.

Our systems developers have extensive background working with embedded systems across multiple industries and platforms and are experienced in human-machine interfaces and hardware communication protocols, including complete board support packages (BSP), memory and communication device drivers, initial program loaders (IPL), embedded to enterprise bridging, embedded database solutions for all modern operating systems, both Windows and Unix-like, as well as real time operating systems such as NET+OS®, Embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks, Windows CE.

Our latest projects were based on ARM CPU and NET+OS® suite from Digi , as well as on x86 CPU and QNX Momentics suite from QSS.

BSP Development

In embedded systems, a Board Support Package is implementation specific support code for a given board that conforms to a given operating system. It is commonly built with a bootloader that contains the minimal device support to load the operating system and device drivers for all the devices on the board.

Some customers also need a root file system, a toolchain for making programs to run on the embedded system (which would be part of the architecture support package), and configurators for the devices (while running).

Embedded to enterprise bridging

There is one more area within embedded domain which is interested to RTS-Soft. Many embedded systems now operate within and depend on webs of wired and wireless connectivity to each other, to enterprise networks and to the broader Internet. By bridging the embedded with the enterprise, valuable real-time tactical information can be shared across the broader electronic community. However it's critical that the bridging information between enterprise and embedded systems not compromise the real-time deterministic performance of the mission critical embedded systems.

Embedded database solutions

RTS-Soft offers reliable embedded database and embedded Java (J2ME) GUI applications development. We used to apply a lot of third-party embedded database engines, however Empress and embedded MySQL are our favorite ones.

What is more important all abovementioned could be done within rigid time constrains for very reasonable cost. Our software development methodology allows to deliver the software our customer needs when it is needed.

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