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Java Technologies

Java technology   is one of the most pervasive technologies on the planet. Java software powers onboard computers in toys, cars, planes, rockets and even NASA Mars Rover!

More than 5 years of experience in Java development is one of the recognized strengths of continuously growing RTS-Soft Java team. This allows us to offer services and solutions which are based on wide spectrum of Java technologies for numerous platforms, including Unix-alike, Windows, QNX, etc:

  • Swing
  • AWT
  • SWT
  • JDBC
  • JNI

However RTS-Soft especially strong in J2SE and J2ME development for Linux and QNX, using NetBeans,  IDEA and Eclipse IDEs, SWING and SWT GUI toolkits, Ant build tool, JUnit testing framework, using Java Applets and Java Servlets technologies.

JVM development, porting and optimization

For device manufacturers seeking the best Java implementation for embedded device, CPU, or platform, we can offer our knowledge and expertise in JVM development and optimization in:

  • Porting a Java technology implementation to a hardware/OS platform of your choice
  • Customizing a JVM according to your hardware- or application-specific needs
  • Optimizing a Java technology implementation for performance, memory footprint and/or battery life
  • Creating auxiliary development tools

Croos-platform integration services

RTS-Soft offers two-ways cross-platform integration solutions with non-Java platforms.

 Applications for IBM J9 delelopment

Another area of our expertize is application development for IBM J9 embedded virtual machine.

Java technologies are extensively used in almost all RTS-Soft's products, including products for QNX RTOS. RTS-Soft has developed a comprehensive process that leverages our offshore capabilities to make software product development more efficient, to shrink time to market and to reduce costs for our customers.

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