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§2. Function
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Permanent improvement of aerospace complex products, modern tempos and technologies of new items development and application dictate new demands to experimental base of production existing, which as often comes turns into a critical link in the process.

The number of monitored and adjustable parameters enlarges, the demands to metrological characteristics of measuring channels increase, sample rates raise as well, results processing methods get complicated. The new demands to test preparation efficiency, maximization of a range of goods being tested, time of new tests mastering are made.

Laboriousness of a periodical metrological check-up and channels approval as well as standstill during verification period come unacceptable.

Everything abovementioned is leading to the necessity of automation means usage on testing desks, development and application of hardware and software complexes of automated systems of desk tests technological process control on the base of computer aids wide application.

As a solution of the above-listed problems RTS-Soft offers a complex of firmware solutions on RTOS QNX base, Advantech company technics and our own software. To basic tasks of hardware-software complex one can refer the following:

  • automation of a test preparation and configuration process;
  • automation of a metrological verification process and measuring channel calibration;
  • technological database of test results maintenance with data fixation on goods, data fixation on sensors and own calibration;
  • automation of a parameters registration process on programmed mission profile with programmed frequency;
  • data visualization in real -time mode on a chief board display;
  • real time control of stand equipment on algorithm given;
  • postprocessing of test results