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§3. A short history of creation
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A story of a Silver package development and application by RTS-Ukraine company has been dating more than 8 years. Geography of application stretches from the western board of Ukraine to the east of Russia.

The first version Silver 0.1 was created for internal use of the company RTS-Ukraine only for the purpose of automation systems development for different objects and it wasn’t positioned as a commercial one.

At the very beginning the package was developed for RTOS QN X, version 4.25. The first application of the system having been developed with a help of Silver 1.0 took place on theZaporozhskiy ferroalloy plant, in 1998, where the control system for the furnaces №35, №36, №38 was created on the base of Silver 1.0 and QNX 4.25.

Silver developed actively as well as QNX: with QNX (version 6.0) release a new package Silver 2 appeared which was absolutely new and improved with a help of new technologies. At the same time the system integration department of the company used this package actively for control systems implementation on the different enterprises and different branches of industry beginning from food and metallurgical industries and finishing with space industry. There are systems where the quantity of physical links 'input/output' being processed by a decentralized system on QNX\Silver base reaches around 1000 and the quantity of symbolic circuits numbers 100.