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§3. Distributed Control System (DCS)
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  • S3 supports distributed over network field of tags which is unified for all Programmable Automation Controlles (PACs) and network nodes.

  • S3 supports distributed SQL database for process data, logs and reports.
  • S3's OPC server provides connectivity with Windows based SCADAs. This server can automatically detect PACs and download OPC tags from them with all necessary information. These features dramatically speed up and simplify a deployment of complex multilevel ACS/ERP/MRP systems. S3 can communicate to the third party OPC servers as well.
  • It has embedded IEC-61131-3 softlogic with ST (Structured Text), IL (Instruction List) and FBD (Functional Block Diagram) languages
  • Original fast and robust RtLogix virtual machine can execute IEC-61131 programms at any ANSI C hardware platform.
  • S3 not require any third party development tools, compilers or libraries